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Tips for Performers

The following is a set of recommendations to make you shine in the show:

  • You can literally do anything – sing a prepared song, do a little act, a monologue, or make something up based on the person with whom you’re talking. As long as it’s a clear choice, and you have mad skills, it’ll be entertaining because those on will find it quite unexpected - which makes for good theater. Each show is curated to provide variety for the audience, so trust that whatever you do well will be engaging.
  • Look on YouTube to see what’s previously been done. Interactive performances with Chatroulette users are often successful, but a set song, magic act, juggling, etc., would be as well.
  • Be prepared to see anything. Yes, there’s nudity. (In the show, this triggers the optional drinking game.) Sometimes you’ll see advertisements – skip over those until you find a real person.
  • Some people you’ll encounter have their sound turned off. You’ll be provided with a sign that tells them to turn it on - but keep in mind that the visual component is very important. People use all around the world, so don't necessarily expect them to speak English.
  • Because of the camera angle and stage space, you’ll have a limited amount of movement available.  The camera can be adjusted, however, so that it sees you either sitting or standing, or moved to a new area with more room to move.
  • Finally, spend some time on and get prepared. Nothing can help you more than trying it out in advance.


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Tips for Performers