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Call for Performers

How's it work?
Each show features several performers. You’ll be vying for the attention of both random people you encounter on ChatRoulette as well as the live audience, watching you both live and projected onto a large screen. You'll get 3 minutes at one go, and may be given an extension if it's going really well. Expect to take a couple of turns, so you'll have a chance to try more than one thing. 

Is it for me?
Numerous possibilities exist of who’d make a great performer. Some examples are actors, improvisers, singers, performance artists, or visual artists who draw quickly. Simply performing something wacky, virtuosic, or even random, is possible; interactive art, that somehow involves or reflects the person with whom you're chatting online, tends to be highly successful. Wackiness is generally rewarded. 

You should have solid performance experience in whatever is your medium. Note: when performing in The Makeout Room, you must be 21 or over. 

What do I get out of it?
The best participants are recognized with prizes. We also compensate with publicity: performances are recorded for an edited YouTube show, which shall get notice to the ongoing, rampant popularity of all things Chatroulette. We'll also link to your web site.

Next Steps 
If it grabs you, email us your full contact information, links to anything you've done, and your skills - along with any announced upcoming dates you can attend. Be sure to list ideas of what you could do, be it a set performance (song, monologue, juggling, performance art, etc.) or an improvisational performance. 

Still trying to get a feel for it? F
or more detail, check out the link on the right to read "tips for performers."

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